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Tracy's Pub

Tracy's Pub

Tracy's Pub

Over 10 years ago a foreign Vietnam Airlines Captain longed for local bar where the food was good, the decor was reminiscent of his home country, the beer was cold and without ice cubes, and mostly, didn't have staff running around insisting that his drink sit on a coaster.


Since no such establishment existed, he decided - sorry, his wife decided - that he would build a Bar bearing her name, where he could go when desire struck.


Since our humble beginning at the little 15 square meter shop near the Sheraton Hotel in Hanoi, we've grown to our latest location, a mammoth 20 square meter establishment on Hanoi's infamous Xuan Dieu Street (#114).


Although we changed locations - and will likely change again at some time - our dedication to customer service, strict quality standards and the pursuit of being the best that we can be will never change.


In time, I'll share the story about the Peanut Butter Burger...




Come and visit us, we'd love to see you.
















Open every day from 10am, until....whenever

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